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were all the same?

wait, what?

ITS 2023 · ITS 2023 · ITS 2023

and if you haven’t noticed, there’s a new way of working. Location, age and degree are becoming irrelevant.

The only thing that matters today — skills

Lajo Lakshman

Brand Designer

Lancify has been nothing less than a pillar of support in helping me grow.

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Ayush Raj

Webflow Expert

I’m 16 btw. Anyway, check out my portfolio. Ayush Barnwal, Bokaro Jharkhand.

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Saasmit Chhetri


Being a part of Lancify meant immediate and plenty of opportunities in my field of interest.

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Sanjana Shankar


I've had the most fulfilling experience with Lancify for over a year now.

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The market is dying for new-age skills.

Wanna be a freelancer in 4 weeks? We’ve been there, and it’s not hard.

Courses to get you freelance ready in monetizable skills.

Our courses are made with experts, pack a ton of value and are binge-able.

Yes, binge-able

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I don't have any prior experience in these skills, can I still buy this course?

Each course is built in a way such that anyone can pick up a new skill right from scratch. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, or someone who's already done this before - there's something for everyone. These are skills that are unique and highly valued, and don't require any prerequisites! So you can start, well, now.

How will these courses help me?

These courses are designed to make you freelance ready. Your teachers are self-taught experienced freelancers that have set out to empower you with theory, practical knowledge and also teach you important tools that allow you to put to action all that you've learnt immediately!

How will I be assessed on my performance?

At the end of every course, we have an assessment that you must take. You will be scored and get your results on the spot. If you pass, you get your certificate and are now freelance-ready. Don't worry, it's not like an exam, put your mind to it and you'll come out with flying colours.

Which course should I choose?

You could do all these courses! No, seriously. That's how easy, engaging and exciting they are. You start on day one and within weeks you're an expert in a skill you had no knowledge about previously. But in case you're confused, you could also choose something that supplements your skills: for example, if you're a good content writer you could easily become an ace Email Marketer, and if you're a good designer, you could pick up the Website Building course!

How are the courses structured?

Each course is divided into chapters. These explain broader themes that are important to the skill you're learning. Each chapter is divided into episodes that go into the specifics of the themes and sub-themes discussed.

Once I buy the course, how long do I have to complete it?

Once you buy a course and create an account on our platform, you have lifelong access to these courses. You can do them at your own pace, however you like. Though since they're quite binge-worthy, you'll probably be done sooner than you realise!

Do I get a certificate from this course?

Yes, on completing the course, you'll have to successfully pass the assessment. Once that's done, you will receive your certificate!