Lajo Lakshman

Brand Designer

Monday, September 6, 2021

In a field like design where a lot of practical experience is what matters, freelancing has helped me acquire very important skills that I know I will take ahead with me.I have learnt many things on the job - from up-skilling to facing challenges, talking to clients, maintaining professionalism and juggling multiple projects with equally demanding deliverables.

I have seen an increase in both my core and soft skills and it has helped me build my confidence as a professional who is still new to this field. The best part? All this happened while earning money.

To that end, Lancify has been nothing less than a pillar of support in helping me grow. They have a wonderful team who strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process of working with someone which is out of your comfort zone in many ways!

Lancify has grown to be nothing short of family :)