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Managing social media the right way

Running profitable paid ads

Running a successful blog or newsletter

Automating marketing workflows

Bridging marketing with analytics

Strategizing an email marketing campaign

Creating an app with #NoCode

Integrating SaaS APIs

Setting up an analytics dashboard

Building a beautiful website

Automating workflows

Delivering actionable business intelligence

Building a design system

Performing a branding exercise

Leveling up an existing brand

Designing graphics for social media

Designing beautiful websites

Professional UI design

What’s coming soon.

Testing Station

Test out your skills and build your portfolio in a simulated environment. Share with the world.

Actual Projects

Soon, you can do projects for companies on our platform and earn good money.

Career Enhancement

Job, freelance, startup? We’re building tools to power you through.

More Skills

There are hundreds of new-age skills out there. We’re gonna catch ‘em all.

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I knew I had certain skills, I just didn’t know what to do with them. Lancify helped me get comfortable and confident with the skills I had - I’m now a confident webflow-developer and my own boss.


Zahra Hassan


I've had the most fulfilling experience with Lancify for over a year now. It is super convenient and the fastest way to find the perfect job. The best part is that everyone on the team is incredibly helpful and actually respects the freelancers.


Sanjana Shankar


Being a part of Lancify meant immediate and plenty of opportunities in my field of interest. I’ve grown immensely not just as a creator but also as a person


Saasmit Chhetri


Within 4 months of joining Lancify it became my main source of practical learning & professional experience. The smooth communication channel through Lancify has ensured that I’m always on the same page as the client, which trust me, is super important.


Aishwarya Agrawal


Lancify gives freelancers like us a platform and opportunities we wouldn't have had before. What makes Lancify different is the team. Whenever you need help, the SWAT members are very easy to reach and approachable.


Armaan Mishra


My parents always kept a tight leash on my finances. I was unable to spend money on things I actually wanted out of fear of my parents finding out. Enter Lancify and I can finally do the things I want without my parents looking over my shoulder every second


Abu Bakr

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